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St Kilda
Official St Kilda Website

The National Trust for Scotland operates this excellent site. You can get an in depth account of the Islands including fascinating History and stunning photographs  

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A wealth of information from Visit Hebrides, an offshoot of the Western Isles Tourist Board. Everything you need for planning a visit to the area.

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Ferry services to the Western Isles from the Mainland and Skye




The Western Isles Tourist Board

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Berneray Island Community Site

Berneray - Beautiful Pictures and Local Knowledge, also B&B's
Five Star Independent Hostel in Leverburgh

Am Bothan Bunkhouse, Leverburgh - Handy Location and Good Walking to See Rodel Chapel
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Scotland

Extensive List of Links Related to Scotland

Guide for Finding a Charterboat in Various Parts of the World